hydroponic system

It is easier than it sounds! Hydroponic growing does not require soil. As you can see on the picture on your left, the root system develops in water instead of soil. All your plants need – they receive from the water. Even nutritions are added directly into the water.

ECO KITCHEN MINI is a 1 module hydroponic system. A module has 12 plant slots. It is very easy to get started! Just fill the tray with water, add nutrients directly into the water, put a rockwool plug into each slot and put seeds on top of it. DONE!

This is what a plant slot looks like. What you see is a plastic holder for the rockwool plug and a future plant.

As a base for the plant, we use rockwool plugs. This natural material is simply a molten stone, something like a candy floss. The structure of rockwool plug works like a sponge, and capillary forces will provide the seeds with the wet environment that they need in the early stage, when there are no roots yet. There’s no need for incubator!

Just a few days later the magic of nature happens, and your plant starts to show itself. You don’t need to do anything but watch it grow!

Give it several more days, and the plants will grow larger.

The plants will grow day by day. They get the light from the system’s LED lamp with horticulture LED matrix. Day/Night cycles are controlled automatically by the system, you won’t need to switch it on and off manually!

The pump inside the tray will circulate the water within the tray. It sucks the water from the side and pumps it upwards. This process enriches the water with air so the roots can breathe. Pump turns on for a couple of minutes every hour automatically.

It is up to you if you want to wait until the plants are fully grown or start harvesting earlier. Sallads, basilica, dill and many other plants grow back very fast, so you can pick just as much as you need for your sandwich or a fresh lunch sallad! What you see here is 1 month from seed to fully grown basilica. Does it get any better?